Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Ready For The Holidays...

So I went to the store yesterday in the very middle of the day to buy some last min food for Thanksgiving and it was worse than going on the actual day of Thanksgiving cause you forgot something. I didn't get everything I wanted because we were going to go to another store afterwards, but it didn't happen. I'm afraid to see what the stores are going to look like today!

And just so you know I think I'm actually going to go shopping at midnight. I have never done that before but I feel compelled to jump in to the holiday spirit. I feel by going shopping at midnight will help. Well that's what I keep trying to tell Daniel. I don't think he's going to buy it, but he is going with me so we can double tag the stores.

One last comment, I have to say that I think more people this year than any other have really started early with the holiday spirit. I have to say that on our way home last night, I counted about 10 homes that were decorated with Christmas decorations already. This was just from the freeway to my house, which is not very far ways. Happy Holidays!