Thursday, December 11, 2008

End of Year Updates

It has been a while since I blogged. I haven't taken my camara anywhere lately. But I can give you updates on my family. Big D just finished his first quarter of nursing school at Cal State LA. I know that three years seems like a long time but this quater went by fast. If they continue at this rate then he will be done in no time. We are very excited for him to start clincals at the hospital next quater. He goes back to school on the 7th of Jan, so he has a whole month off. Iwas really excited because I was going to get to see my husband again. Boy was I wrong. I have been working so much that I really have not seen him much.

Speaking about work. I got another job. I am so excited from the moment I graduated and started to work on the floor I knew I wanted to teach nursing students. Originally I was offered an assisstant clinical instuctor position so I applied and was waiting to get the ok from the State Board of Nursing. It usually takes like 2 months to hear back from the Board. I actually kind of forgot about it. One day I was at home when one of my friends from work text me to say that one of the instuctors wanted to talk to me about the position. I got excited because I had forgotten about the job. In talking to her she said that they were offering me the actual clinical instructor position instead of the assisstant which is so much better. I will be in charge of about 10 students all by myself and it doesn't hurt that the position I got pays more than double the assisstant position. I might have to put TyTy in day care in order to do this job but I think the money will really help out with the bills and it would only be one day a week. I have an appointment to speak with the director next week to get all the details and I will update you later.

Baby D is growing so much. He is just this big sponge and is taking it all in. It not only surpizes me that he uses some big words at times, but he uses them correctly. He is suck a pain sometimes but he reminds me to stay on tract. When I am too tired and just want to put a movie on he is the one who reminds me that we need to read the BofM and pray before we go to sleep. I love that kid so much.

TyTy learned his official second word. He knows mami, mama (for grandma), dada, papa, txss (He is trying to say X), auwa (for sarah, meghan, and alyssa), tyty, anol (for daniel). So he has pretty much all our names down. His first word was caca. He is pretty good at telling us when his diaper needs to be changed by using that simple words. Well this last two weeks has been trying to perfect I'm hungry (ah owing). Usually he will come to me and say "ah owing" and "ill say are you hungry". and he says back "owing". He may not talk very well but he makes his needs known which is great!

Well I hope that as the holidays get closer that everyone will be safe and keep the meaning of Christmas close to your heart. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon. By the way if you haven't sent me your address, please do. I am picking up my Christmas cards tomorrow. email me at

Christmas Cards

I need your address! Please email it to me at

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Getting Ready For The Holidays...

So I went to the store yesterday in the very middle of the day to buy some last min food for Thanksgiving and it was worse than going on the actual day of Thanksgiving cause you forgot something. I didn't get everything I wanted because we were going to go to another store afterwards, but it didn't happen. I'm afraid to see what the stores are going to look like today!

And just so you know I think I'm actually going to go shopping at midnight. I have never done that before but I feel compelled to jump in to the holiday spirit. I feel by going shopping at midnight will help. Well that's what I keep trying to tell Daniel. I don't think he's going to buy it, but he is going with me so we can double tag the stores.

One last comment, I have to say that I think more people this year than any other have really started early with the holiday spirit. I have to say that on our way home last night, I counted about 10 homes that were decorated with Christmas decorations already. This was just from the freeway to my house, which is not very far ways. Happy Holidays!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Photo Tag

Here is a cool tag. You open your fourth folder of pictures and pick your fourth picture and post it. You then tag four people. We were at mission bay here at the beach and this is just a random picture i took of d. I tag Sarah, Lauren, Meghan, and Chami. Since you dont have a computer right now Meghan, just give me the forth pix off your camara!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tyler Part 2

So this is how Tyler fell asleep for his nap today! I knew this was going to be a long day!

Busy Morning

So Tyler woke up completely covered in pee from head to toe, pooped on my carpet, and has now figured out how to open the front door and he did all of this before 7. So Tyler woke up like 630 this morning so you know how grumpy I was about that. I picked him up from his crib and laid him on top of me in hopes that he would go back to sleep. Bad Idea. He was soaked in pee. I have a feeling that before he went to bed he probably pulled out his penis from his diaper and fell asleep like that. So we got up and I undressed him in the room. We let the room and I got his clothes and went to the bathroom. I came out to dress him and he had already pooped on my carpet! He was quick! Then I cleaned up, got him dressed, I changed and tried to pass out on the couch. I heard him playing with the front door, which he does a lot. Well today, he opened it! I'M DOOMED!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lauren's Tag

Answer the following with only one word.
Where is your cell phone?.........................................desk
Your significant other?
Your hair?........................................................long
Your mother?
Your father?
Your favorite thing?
Your dream last night..........................................???
Your favorite drink........................................tea
Your dream/goal..................................home
The room you're in..........................................small
Your children?...................................................quiet
Your Fear?.............................................saddness
Where do you want to be in 6 years?......................home
Where were you last night?................................couch
What you're not?............................................perfect
One of your wish list items?....................girl
Where'd you grow up?..........................California
What'd you read last?.......................eclipse
What are you wearing?............................sweats
Your TV?..........................................big
Your pet?........................................gone
Your computer?........................................acer??
Your life?...........................................AMAZING
Your mood?..................................happy
Missing someone?..................................noone
Your car?...........................................dirty
Something you're not wearing?
Favorite store?
Your summer?.....................................ok
Like someone?..........................several
Your favorite color?.........................purple
Last time you laughed................................Today
Last time you cried?...........................................weeks
I will tag heidi

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Anniversery!

Us, at the Queen Mary. The room was kind of scary. I have never been on a cruise and we just happened to get a room with NO windows. When we woke up in the morning there was no way of telling if it was morning yet!
On our way to Catalina!

Daniel and I kayaked, went snorkeling and mountain biking. Well he did, I sticked to the paved roads. We also walked along the beaches to get pictures for Baby D. Here below a picture Daniel took of a crab.

On our way home ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Outside Activities

While Daddy was working hard in order to keep the family in the life of luxury, Mommy, Ty-ty, & Daniel had fun with Crayola sidewalk paint. Ty-ty didn't hessitate to paint his little boobies and tummy. We decided to quit after social services came and tried to take Ty-ty for appearing to be homeless. If you're wondering what happened to baby Daniel's forehead in the magnificient painted hair shot, he decided to rub his forehead continuously on the carpet when put on time out. It sound like someone is going to make poor decisions as well as his father. Well we had fun and wasted a lot of paint but it was well worth it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Pictures

We finally decided to have pictures. I think these are some of the best pictures yet. And in my defense I'm not going bald, I'm growing more head.

Daniel was told that he could not go swimming because he was not cooperating. Naturally, he began crying. Then, for the

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Ok so I don't know what happened...but when i logged on to my blogg today, my post was gone and it was saved as a draft and all my comments were gone too. Well here is a little glimps of us trying to teach Daniel how to swim. Because he looks a lot older than he is I feel that we have rushed him to learn how to do things early. (etc. letters, numbers, reading). Well swimming is the next thing. I have never pushed it untill we went camping last weekend and there were kids that looked younger than him who were swimming. He loves to jump into the pool with his floaties. Well when we went swimming at the pool, he jumped in as usuall, and one of his floaties broke off and he was drowning. Of corse one of the ladies next to him saved him. Where were his parent you may ask. I was at the other end of the pool with Ty Ty, throwing him into the pool so my dad could catch him. We dont really watch daniel because he does so well with the floaties. Needless to say that we decided to to teach him how to swim!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

Daniel, Baby Daniel, Tyler and I first sat outside to watch the several fireworks shows that were going on around us. Daniel and I hardly take pictures so I made it a point to have at least one with us in it. The fireworks were beautiful!!!

Here, our neighbor told Daniel that we could write on the floor with sparklers, so Daniel wrote me a little message. How cute is he????

Tyler did not like the action at all. Although he is very adventerous, he only wanted to be held. He took a late nap, but I think he was still a little tierd towrds the end. He was calm though, no crankiness!!!

Daniel on the other hand was all over the action. He was lighting the fireworks and throwing them. We had to watch him the whole time cause the older kids were jumping over the fireworks and daniel kept saying that he was next. He got burned a couple of times but he never complained. He just kept going. After the show was over we came in and all showered cause it had been so hot all day. He asked if he could watch a movie and I said I would think about it when I got out of the shower. Daniel got him dressed and told him to go lay in bed and as soon as I got out I would tell him if he could watch a movie or not. When I got out of the shower like 5 mins later, he was alseep!

Daniel, My Love, My Everything

Inspired by Sarah and her husband tag, I decided to blog a short blog about Daniel. In reading her blog it brought me back to what really is important in our marriage. It about him and I. That’s all that matters… I love Daniel so much and he has given me the opportunity to mother his children. I think we have made such beautiful children. Like Sarah said “our marriage is not perfect”, but we work on it on a daily basis and you can tell when we don’t. We start to fight and think about ourselves instead of each other. He is very selfless and he does almost anything I ask of him. He is a great father to out kids and is learning everyday how to be a better father. I love him so much for all the wonderful joy he brings into my life.

Husband Tag
1- His Full Name: Daniel Guzman
2- How long have you been together? Married 5 years in August
3- How long did you date? Three months and one day to be exact
4- How old is he? 28
5- Who eats more? Him, definitely :)…Although I get pretty close at times
6- Who said I love you first? I think Daniel did…cant remember.
7- Who is taller? He is.
8- Who sings better? Although we both LOVE to sing, I defiantly have to say that he has a great voice compared to mine!!! Ask any of our friends and family what he thinks about my singing!!!!
9- Who is smarter? Although Daniel considers me the NERD, I think he definitely is. He has gotten almost straight A’s since he’s gone back to school full time with the exception of him being lazy occasionally and getting some B’s. When Daniel went to orientation for Cal State LA this week, the presenter was talking about the point scale for the nursing program. He said that out of 10 points most people get 6 and 8 is really good (the higher your GPA the more points you get out of 10). He then said that hardly anyone gets 10 points for their GPA. Well Daniel got all 10, and when he sat with all the nursing major students he found out that only one other person got in at all for this school year. That’s right Daniel, your ROCK!
10- Who does the laundry? I do, most of the time, but Daniel helps out a lot with other things.
11- Who pays the bills? Although I do the paying of bills, Daniel and I always sit down and discuss where the money should go. When it comes to money, paying bills is the one thing I can do. When it comes to retirement savings and life insurance… I don’t have a clue!!
12- Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? When looking at the headboard, I usually do.
13- Who mows the lawn? Well my dad actually has done it for years with the exception of X doing it occasionally. Lately Daniel has done it. He will be as bold to go to the neighbors and do theirs too if it has to be done.
14- Who cooks dinner? I do, although Daniel’s cookies taste better than mine. I have shown him the basics, enough to feed the kids while I’m gone. I will never show him everything…then he won’t need me anymore
15- Who drives? Daniel.
16- Who kissed whom first? It was mutual we, we both went in for it! I’ll share the story some day, its quite entertaining.
17- Who's more stubborn? Definitely me, no questions asked. I will be one old stubborn woman.
18- Who asked whom out first? He did, but I paid!!!
19- Who proposed? He did. We slow danced to one of my favorite songs and then he got down on one knee. He did it at the park.
20- Who has more friends? He does.
21- Who is more sensitive? Definitely me. But I have to remind myself (or Daniel does) that he has feelings too, and I’m learning to be more sensitive of them.
22- Who has more siblings? He does. He has 2 brothers and one sister. I just have one brother.
23- Who wears the pants? Although I tell people I do, and I get my way more I thing that we do a good job of consulting each other especially for big decisions.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Shakey Shakey"

Daniel has a small graduation at the end of his school year for preschool. It is designed to honor those who will be moving on to kindergarden the next year. This is daniel's second participation in graduation and has one more to come. Anyways the teacher has them do the same dance and the only thing is they have never been able to get the CD to work. They have treid to perform this dance on several occations and have failed because of the CD. This was the first time that they chose to get another copy. At the end of the dance is the distributions of their diplomas which is number 2 of 3 for daniel.

Monday, May 26, 2008


How can something so ugly produce such beautiful flowers...I don't know. I hate catus plants. I don't know why but I do. They usually do not have any pretty colors and honestly I have never seen any produce any flowers. Daniel called me outside to see the flowers that out catus plant grew and I was amazed. Unfortualtely they only last about a day or two. Therefore we had to capture the moment and took some photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

When all Hope is Lost...

Well I would like to be the first to congratulate Daniel. A for effort. Daniel and I had discussed several months ago that we needed to have at least two nights/days a month where we would hang out, talk, or whatever. We just needed to have our date nights. We tried it for a couple of months and it was going great. Of course, we got lazy and it slowly trinkled down to us not doing anything for weeks at a time. We also had agreed that we would switch off on who had to find babysitting and planning our date. So it seemed that the last couple of dates that we actually had were planned by me. In frustration, I told Daniel that he was failing and the he needed to do something because I was done. Despite my request and several reminders, it seemed that it was unimportant to him. Finally about two weeks ago he said that after a church activity we would be going to the movies. I even got excited when he had babysitting arranged all by himself. Needless to say that it was a disaster. After the church event I asked how long i had to get ready and he said as long as you want. I then asked what time the movie started and he responded with I don’t know. Feeling a little frustrated I asked well which movie are we going to see and he responded with the same answer. I was confused. Were we not going to a movie then? He apparently had called and did not recognize any of the movies and decided to just check and see what was on when we got there. That's when I felt that our date was over. We are not going anywhere. This would have been fine if we did not have any children, but seeing that we were going to pick them up after the movie I did not want to pick up late. So we stayed home and went nowhere. Days later before we went to bed Daniel said not to make any plans for 230 the next day because I was going to be his. I said ok, lets see what he has planned this time. He not only took me to a movie that I wanted to see, he purchased the tickets ahead of time. Then we stopped off to pick up food at Macaroni Grill. And he took me to this place where he took me once when we were dating. (This picnic place overlooks CalPoly, and yes it's the same place where the sprinklers came on and hit me directly in the face, ya that one!) Anyways we had a picnic there, and how he remembered my favorite dish from Macaroni Grill, I don't know. We had a great time, he even gave me a duplicate ring of the one he had made for me when we were dating. It was so romantic....Overall I think he redeemed himself.

Baby Daniel's Birthday


Sarah Tagged me about a month ago and I have been so lazy but I finally got to it...10 most interesting things about me...(not in any order, just as they come to my head)

1. I am not disgusted by poop.
2. I like to watch people when I am at a light or stop sign
3. I like to try new recipes
4. Everyone says that the first year of marriage is hard. I thought it was the best.
5. I get depressed when I'm alone, yet I am more of an introvert than an extravert.
6. I hate hamburger pickles, and I am not a big fan of chocolate unless there is milk.
7. When Daniel and I were dating i lied to him about liking to play video games!
8. My biggest fear is not being able to see my children grow up and have babies of their own.
9. I want to be happy.
10. Although I love to be active, I'm afraid my body cannot keep up with me, I feel like I am getting old!! ha
Now I tag heidi and Chamie! Have fun!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For Sarah

"We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly
on the earth as its other creatures do."
Barbara Ward

"If love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach
our children to honor nature's gifts, the joys and beauties of the
outdoors will be here forever."
Jimmy Carter

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

~~The Zoo~~

So We went to the San Diego Zoo this weekend and we had a blast. Roxie, my niece, joined us along with my parents. The last time we took Baby Daniel to the zoo he was about Tyler's age now. I don't think he enjoyed it as much as he did this time. I just scrapbooked that page not to long ago (I know I'm so behind on my scrapbooking) and there was a picture of him touching a lizard and he had the most discussed look on his face ;) Anways, Tyler had so much fun too. I think he did the most walking out of all the kids. He was up in the animals faces. There were some birds walking around and he would walk right up to them and try to touch. If he were awake when we got to the petting zoo, he would have climbed right on top of those poor animals. If you ask baby Daniel what was his favorite thing he will tell you that he liked the exhibit on bugs and spiders the most. His favorite bug was the leaf bug. It was really cool and when it walked it moved so that it looked like the wind was blowing a leaf. Roxie said that her favorite thing was the hippos. She did not stop asking about them untill we went to go see them. Untill next time...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Getting Started

I figured I need something to keep me busy that doesn't include the kids or work! I figure that since Daniel and i decieded that we need to starte journaling more, blogging would count! Right? Well I don't have any of my pictures with me at this time, but I figured if I have time to start this now, might as well. As for those who are far away...I love you guys and miss you. Those of you who come back often, I'm always glad to see you because you know we don't have any money to come see you. And for those who plan on moving closer, I am so excited. :) See you guys later!