Thursday, December 11, 2008

End of Year Updates

It has been a while since I blogged. I haven't taken my camara anywhere lately. But I can give you updates on my family. Big D just finished his first quarter of nursing school at Cal State LA. I know that three years seems like a long time but this quater went by fast. If they continue at this rate then he will be done in no time. We are very excited for him to start clincals at the hospital next quater. He goes back to school on the 7th of Jan, so he has a whole month off. Iwas really excited because I was going to get to see my husband again. Boy was I wrong. I have been working so much that I really have not seen him much.

Speaking about work. I got another job. I am so excited from the moment I graduated and started to work on the floor I knew I wanted to teach nursing students. Originally I was offered an assisstant clinical instuctor position so I applied and was waiting to get the ok from the State Board of Nursing. It usually takes like 2 months to hear back from the Board. I actually kind of forgot about it. One day I was at home when one of my friends from work text me to say that one of the instuctors wanted to talk to me about the position. I got excited because I had forgotten about the job. In talking to her she said that they were offering me the actual clinical instructor position instead of the assisstant which is so much better. I will be in charge of about 10 students all by myself and it doesn't hurt that the position I got pays more than double the assisstant position. I might have to put TyTy in day care in order to do this job but I think the money will really help out with the bills and it would only be one day a week. I have an appointment to speak with the director next week to get all the details and I will update you later.

Baby D is growing so much. He is just this big sponge and is taking it all in. It not only surpizes me that he uses some big words at times, but he uses them correctly. He is suck a pain sometimes but he reminds me to stay on tract. When I am too tired and just want to put a movie on he is the one who reminds me that we need to read the BofM and pray before we go to sleep. I love that kid so much.

TyTy learned his official second word. He knows mami, mama (for grandma), dada, papa, txss (He is trying to say X), auwa (for sarah, meghan, and alyssa), tyty, anol (for daniel). So he has pretty much all our names down. His first word was caca. He is pretty good at telling us when his diaper needs to be changed by using that simple words. Well this last two weeks has been trying to perfect I'm hungry (ah owing). Usually he will come to me and say "ah owing" and "ill say are you hungry". and he says back "owing". He may not talk very well but he makes his needs known which is great!

Well I hope that as the holidays get closer that everyone will be safe and keep the meaning of Christmas close to your heart. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon. By the way if you haven't sent me your address, please do. I am picking up my Christmas cards tomorrow. email me at

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