Monday, May 26, 2008


How can something so ugly produce such beautiful flowers...I don't know. I hate catus plants. I don't know why but I do. They usually do not have any pretty colors and honestly I have never seen any produce any flowers. Daniel called me outside to see the flowers that out catus plant grew and I was amazed. Unfortualtely they only last about a day or two. Therefore we had to capture the moment and took some photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

When all Hope is Lost...

Well I would like to be the first to congratulate Daniel. A for effort. Daniel and I had discussed several months ago that we needed to have at least two nights/days a month where we would hang out, talk, or whatever. We just needed to have our date nights. We tried it for a couple of months and it was going great. Of course, we got lazy and it slowly trinkled down to us not doing anything for weeks at a time. We also had agreed that we would switch off on who had to find babysitting and planning our date. So it seemed that the last couple of dates that we actually had were planned by me. In frustration, I told Daniel that he was failing and the he needed to do something because I was done. Despite my request and several reminders, it seemed that it was unimportant to him. Finally about two weeks ago he said that after a church activity we would be going to the movies. I even got excited when he had babysitting arranged all by himself. Needless to say that it was a disaster. After the church event I asked how long i had to get ready and he said as long as you want. I then asked what time the movie started and he responded with I don’t know. Feeling a little frustrated I asked well which movie are we going to see and he responded with the same answer. I was confused. Were we not going to a movie then? He apparently had called and did not recognize any of the movies and decided to just check and see what was on when we got there. That's when I felt that our date was over. We are not going anywhere. This would have been fine if we did not have any children, but seeing that we were going to pick them up after the movie I did not want to pick up late. So we stayed home and went nowhere. Days later before we went to bed Daniel said not to make any plans for 230 the next day because I was going to be his. I said ok, lets see what he has planned this time. He not only took me to a movie that I wanted to see, he purchased the tickets ahead of time. Then we stopped off to pick up food at Macaroni Grill. And he took me to this place where he took me once when we were dating. (This picnic place overlooks CalPoly, and yes it's the same place where the sprinklers came on and hit me directly in the face, ya that one!) Anyways we had a picnic there, and how he remembered my favorite dish from Macaroni Grill, I don't know. We had a great time, he even gave me a duplicate ring of the one he had made for me when we were dating. It was so romantic....Overall I think he redeemed himself.

Baby Daniel's Birthday


Sarah Tagged me about a month ago and I have been so lazy but I finally got to it...10 most interesting things about me...(not in any order, just as they come to my head)

1. I am not disgusted by poop.
2. I like to watch people when I am at a light or stop sign
3. I like to try new recipes
4. Everyone says that the first year of marriage is hard. I thought it was the best.
5. I get depressed when I'm alone, yet I am more of an introvert than an extravert.
6. I hate hamburger pickles, and I am not a big fan of chocolate unless there is milk.
7. When Daniel and I were dating i lied to him about liking to play video games!
8. My biggest fear is not being able to see my children grow up and have babies of their own.
9. I want to be happy.
10. Although I love to be active, I'm afraid my body cannot keep up with me, I feel like I am getting old!! ha
Now I tag heidi and Chamie! Have fun!!