Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

Daniel, Baby Daniel, Tyler and I first sat outside to watch the several fireworks shows that were going on around us. Daniel and I hardly take pictures so I made it a point to have at least one with us in it. The fireworks were beautiful!!!

Here, our neighbor told Daniel that we could write on the floor with sparklers, so Daniel wrote me a little message. How cute is he????

Tyler did not like the action at all. Although he is very adventerous, he only wanted to be held. He took a late nap, but I think he was still a little tierd towrds the end. He was calm though, no crankiness!!!

Daniel on the other hand was all over the action. He was lighting the fireworks and throwing them. We had to watch him the whole time cause the older kids were jumping over the fireworks and daniel kept saying that he was next. He got burned a couple of times but he never complained. He just kept going. After the show was over we came in and all showered cause it had been so hot all day. He asked if he could watch a movie and I said I would think about it when I got out of the shower. Daniel got him dressed and told him to go lay in bed and as soon as I got out I would tell him if he could watch a movie or not. When I got out of the shower like 5 mins later, he was alseep!

Daniel, My Love, My Everything

Inspired by Sarah and her husband tag, I decided to blog a short blog about Daniel. In reading her blog it brought me back to what really is important in our marriage. It about him and I. That’s all that matters… I love Daniel so much and he has given me the opportunity to mother his children. I think we have made such beautiful children. Like Sarah said “our marriage is not perfect”, but we work on it on a daily basis and you can tell when we don’t. We start to fight and think about ourselves instead of each other. He is very selfless and he does almost anything I ask of him. He is a great father to out kids and is learning everyday how to be a better father. I love him so much for all the wonderful joy he brings into my life.

Husband Tag
1- His Full Name: Daniel Guzman
2- How long have you been together? Married 5 years in August
3- How long did you date? Three months and one day to be exact
4- How old is he? 28
5- Who eats more? Him, definitely :)…Although I get pretty close at times
6- Who said I love you first? I think Daniel did…cant remember.
7- Who is taller? He is.
8- Who sings better? Although we both LOVE to sing, I defiantly have to say that he has a great voice compared to mine!!! Ask any of our friends and family what he thinks about my singing!!!!
9- Who is smarter? Although Daniel considers me the NERD, I think he definitely is. He has gotten almost straight A’s since he’s gone back to school full time with the exception of him being lazy occasionally and getting some B’s. When Daniel went to orientation for Cal State LA this week, the presenter was talking about the point scale for the nursing program. He said that out of 10 points most people get 6 and 8 is really good (the higher your GPA the more points you get out of 10). He then said that hardly anyone gets 10 points for their GPA. Well Daniel got all 10, and when he sat with all the nursing major students he found out that only one other person got in at all for this school year. That’s right Daniel, your ROCK!
10- Who does the laundry? I do, most of the time, but Daniel helps out a lot with other things.
11- Who pays the bills? Although I do the paying of bills, Daniel and I always sit down and discuss where the money should go. When it comes to money, paying bills is the one thing I can do. When it comes to retirement savings and life insurance… I don’t have a clue!!
12- Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? When looking at the headboard, I usually do.
13- Who mows the lawn? Well my dad actually has done it for years with the exception of X doing it occasionally. Lately Daniel has done it. He will be as bold to go to the neighbors and do theirs too if it has to be done.
14- Who cooks dinner? I do, although Daniel’s cookies taste better than mine. I have shown him the basics, enough to feed the kids while I’m gone. I will never show him everything…then he won’t need me anymore
15- Who drives? Daniel.
16- Who kissed whom first? It was mutual we, we both went in for it! I’ll share the story some day, its quite entertaining.
17- Who's more stubborn? Definitely me, no questions asked. I will be one old stubborn woman.
18- Who asked whom out first? He did, but I paid!!!
19- Who proposed? He did. We slow danced to one of my favorite songs and then he got down on one knee. He did it at the park.
20- Who has more friends? He does.
21- Who is more sensitive? Definitely me. But I have to remind myself (or Daniel does) that he has feelings too, and I’m learning to be more sensitive of them.
22- Who has more siblings? He does. He has 2 brothers and one sister. I just have one brother.
23- Who wears the pants? Although I tell people I do, and I get my way more I thing that we do a good job of consulting each other especially for big decisions.