Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wwwhhhere's Tyler? There He Is!

So even though I am very tired and I just got home from work, I feel the need to share the experience that I had this morning. I know Tyler loves to play peekaboo, and he likes to hide around the corner and have me find him, but this tops it all. I finally decided to get out of bed at 540 this morning so that I would not be too late for work and for some reason Daniel was kind of awake. So as I got out of bed I used my phone to see where I am going. Usually I just get out of the room ASAP as to not wake the kids. Well I forgot to get everything I needed out of the room last night so I used my phone light to get my clothes. As I did I glaced over at Tyler's bed and he wasn't there. Big deal, I thought, he must be under some of the thousands of blankets I have on my bed. He climbs into our bed a lot with me even noticing it. So I asked Daniel if Tyler was in our bed and he said no. So I looked around the floor and on Baby D's bunk and nothing. The door was closed and he has not been able to open it lately and besided the door was still closed (he would have left it open). I told Daniel that I couldnt find TyTy and I tured on the lights. There is no way that Tyler is just not here! I looked under the bed, I moved the blankets, and moved some clothes and nothing. So I went and checke the kitchen , bathroom, and living room and nothing. So Daniel called me back into the room and he was looking under the bed and Tyler was there HALF way under our QUEEN size bed! How did this happen? I dont know! I love this kid!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Both my kids LOVE Spong Bob! That is an under statement! This is a video of Tyler singing and dancing to the theme song and Daniel in the background singing and telling Tyler to dance and "get down" I love these kids.

Random Fun...

So those of you who know Tyler, know how much he loves his baths. Its actually funny cause he is so scared to be in pools even if they are toddler pools, but he NEEDS to have his bath every day! Well this was taken a couple of nights ago. Daniel was done and got out but Tyler wanted to stay longer which usally happens all the time. This time I asked Daniel to pull the plug because he was splashing so much and was really having a hard time keeping the water inside the tub. Well this is how he reacted when he realized that the water was running low.