Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

This 4th was pretty much as any other except we did it times two. X and Sarah came over the day before. They bought Baby D some fireworks and spent time with the kids and lighting them up. We all took turns lighting up the sparkers that for some reason take all year long to use…Anyways Daniel found a fireworks setting on our camera and we were able to get these cool looking pictures with the sparklers.



Daniel was given the chance to do some actual lighting of the fireworks and he did a good job of listening. Although he was having fun with the fireworks, he decided to have more fun setting my dad's paper on fire. He used one of the sparklers to set the fire! None of us were mad cause at least he did it safely. It reminds me of me when I set my mom's shoe on fire one year and when i set the trash can on fire another year. :)

Daniel and the neighbor kids lighting one of Daniel's favorite fireworks, the snakes!

Even though I had to work, we all really had a great time. I got home around 800pm and the sun was almost done setting. Daniel had a lot of fun with his friends. We actually got to see a lot of shows from our home and some of the fireworks were right above our home! Then when were close to wrapping it up, our neighbor brought our ice cream and root beer! This was funny cause when she asked Baby D if he wanted a root beer float he responded "Root Beer?!?! I can't have root beer! Beer is bad!" Our neighbor had to explain to him that root beer was just soda. He still declined politely and said "No thank you, I can't have that either" It definitely put a smile on my face. It is nice to know that even though you think your kids aren't learning from you, that they do pick up on some things and that's what keeps me trying. I love my family and my children and I am soooo blessed to have them!

Beach Fun

The beach has been sounding like a good idea for quite some time now. I went to Newport area on my sister in law's birthday to get some cupcakes from sprinkles...mmmm! Since that day I have been wanting to go back. The weather has been off and on for beach weather and those who know me I don't like to be cold. It seemed that the days it was nice enough I was working. Finally a day came where the weather would be good and I was off. My brother and his girlfriend were able to go with us and I invited my niece Roxie. Her and Daniel have always gotten along really well but haven't seen each other much this summer. We had a great day of cool (not cold) weather. It was windy but when the sun came out it was great.

Picture of the water. It really surprised me how clear the water looked this day. Growing up we visited Puerto Rico often and nothing compares to the waters there, but it was nice to see our waters looking cleaner. Needless to say I still couldn't get in cause the water was still freezing!

X and Ty.

Daniel sunbathing. I'm glad that he didn't stay like this for long. He and Roxie were playing in the sand most of the time and built sandcastles so his back was to the sun most of the time. Unfortunately he did get some pretty nasty burns on his back despite the sunblock I put on him.


The spot we chose had no bathrooms near by so this is daniel doing his business. He decided to find his own bathroom!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


What a morning. It's not even 11am and I already wished it was time to put the kids to bed for the night. The kids spend the night at my parents last night because I had to take my uncle to the air port. SSSSSOOOOOOOOO.....This morning I woke up at 4am to wake up Daniel so that he could get up in time to leave the house for clinical (I still don't understand how he doesn’t here the alarm). My alarm then went off at 530. I got up and dressed pretty quickly and I dressed in my gym clothes because I was planning on going to the gym when I got back with my brother. So I left the house like at 540 to my uncles apartment. He just moved and I knew where but I did not know which apartment. My mom did not remember the actual number but told me exactly where it was at. When I got there I went to the gait and his name is not on the dial pad to open the door. Great! So I tried calling a couple of people and no one opened the door for me. I went to my car to call him and realized I left my phone at home. So what do I do now? I drove to the nearest gas station where I was able to call Daniel to call my uncle. I went back to the apartments and my uncle came out. Great! Drove him the airport on my way back I got a little lost but no biggy.
When I got home I went home first to get my phone first. Where I see a text from my brother saying he didn’t feel well and would let me know if he felt better later on so that we could go to the gym. Ok I can go by myself...I just won’t be as motivated.
I walk in the door and baby d was sick. He looked sick. i would say yellow is a good word to describe him. So i would have not been able to go to the gym anyways. Baby D then threw up all over the living room floor. We trained him to throw up only on floor, no carpet as he gets to the bathroom. After I search threw my mountain of meds, I wasn't able to find anything that would help. I ask my dad to watch the kids for a little more so that I can get baby d some meds and get some stuff for dinner. Little did I know that all antiemetic require a prescription. I bought him some Gatorade and some fruit cocktail. Someone once told me that the juice helps with the nausea.
When I came home my dad was on the phone with my mom trying to figure out how to open the locked bathroom door. Apparently baby d locked himself in there and wouldn't open it. I asked him to open the door. When he found out it was me he said he was sorry and opened the door. He had diarrhea too and didn’t make it to the toilet in time so he was trying to clean up his mess. He is such a sweet child. I bath him, cleaned up his mess and put him down to sleep. I hope he feels better. By the way, the syrup might have helped his nausea, but he is still vomiting. With all this commotion going on, Tyler was able to get the all purpose cleaner and sprayed the floor and walls in the living room, threw moon sand all over the carpet, and served himself some cereal in a bowl with milk and of corse he made a mess doing that. I hope the day gets better.