Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beach Fun

The beach has been sounding like a good idea for quite some time now. I went to Newport area on my sister in law's birthday to get some cupcakes from sprinkles...mmmm! Since that day I have been wanting to go back. The weather has been off and on for beach weather and those who know me I don't like to be cold. It seemed that the days it was nice enough I was working. Finally a day came where the weather would be good and I was off. My brother and his girlfriend were able to go with us and I invited my niece Roxie. Her and Daniel have always gotten along really well but haven't seen each other much this summer. We had a great day of cool (not cold) weather. It was windy but when the sun came out it was great.

Picture of the water. It really surprised me how clear the water looked this day. Growing up we visited Puerto Rico often and nothing compares to the waters there, but it was nice to see our waters looking cleaner. Needless to say I still couldn't get in cause the water was still freezing!

X and Ty.

Daniel sunbathing. I'm glad that he didn't stay like this for long. He and Roxie were playing in the sand most of the time and built sandcastles so his back was to the sun most of the time. Unfortunately he did get some pretty nasty burns on his back despite the sunblock I put on him.


The spot we chose had no bathrooms near by so this is daniel doing his business. He decided to find his own bathroom!