Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Outside Activities

While Daddy was working hard in order to keep the family in the life of luxury, Mommy, Ty-ty, & Daniel had fun with Crayola sidewalk paint. Ty-ty didn't hessitate to paint his little boobies and tummy. We decided to quit after social services came and tried to take Ty-ty for appearing to be homeless. If you're wondering what happened to baby Daniel's forehead in the magnificient painted hair shot, he decided to rub his forehead continuously on the carpet when put on time out. It sound like someone is going to make poor decisions as well as his father. Well we had fun and wasted a lot of paint but it was well worth it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Pictures

We finally decided to have pictures. I think these are some of the best pictures yet. And in my defense I'm not going bald, I'm growing more head.

Daniel was told that he could not go swimming because he was not cooperating. Naturally, he began crying. Then, for the

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Ok so I don't know what happened...but when i logged on to my blogg today, my post was gone and it was saved as a draft and all my comments were gone too. Well here is a little glimps of us trying to teach Daniel how to swim. Because he looks a lot older than he is I feel that we have rushed him to learn how to do things early. (etc. letters, numbers, reading). Well swimming is the next thing. I have never pushed it untill we went camping last weekend and there were kids that looked younger than him who were swimming. He loves to jump into the pool with his floaties. Well when we went swimming at the pool, he jumped in as usuall, and one of his floaties broke off and he was drowning. Of corse one of the ladies next to him saved him. Where were his parent you may ask. I was at the other end of the pool with Ty Ty, throwing him into the pool so my dad could catch him. We dont really watch daniel because he does so well with the floaties. Needless to say that we decided to to teach him how to swim!