Saturday, September 26, 2009


I know I haven't blogged in a while an I have a lot to blog about. Daniel's first day of kindergarten, Daniel starting soccer, and I know there's more. I just wanted to share this quick story. Daniel had his third soccer game today and I was really impressed by the other team's coach. Not that Daniel's coach isn't good. The other team is really good, actually they are great. They should be playing the older kids and they would win. Their coach was very humble and I could tell by his behavior that he is trying to teach his players more than how to play soccer. As little boys play and win, they get excited. Their excitement started to cause the other players to start acting a little cocky and started to call our player not nice names. None of the parents herd it, I didn't either. (I didn't realize that this was going on until after the game)Their coach decided to take out the players who where not being very nice. Daniel was also hit in the face with the ball. Their coach insisted that the player come and apologize to Daniel before the game continued. The little boy came said sorry and ran back out on the field. Because Daniel was crying so loud he did not hear the other player. Their coach noticed this and made the player come back and say he was sorry again so Daniel could hear it. I also thought it was very nice the the mother of the play came to check on Daniel to make sure he was ok. At the end of the game after a horrible slaughter the coach made sure he came over and told each of our players what a good job they had done.
Today we live in a society where this is not seen very often, which is sad. The last two games we have played teams where the players have pushed, tripped, and belittled our players and not once did I hear their coaches or parents say a single word to them. I know that at this age, the children just want to win, and as a parent we want our children to be happy and experience the joys that come with winning a game, but this coach is teaching his team players something that they will be able to apply in the rest of their lives. Kudos to that coach. Because of the events that took place today, I was not sad at all that our team lost today. I learned a lesson that I might have already know, but it was a good reminder to being a better person and a better mother!