Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

This 4th was pretty much as any other except we did it times two. X and Sarah came over the day before. They bought Baby D some fireworks and spent time with the kids and lighting them up. We all took turns lighting up the sparkers that for some reason take all year long to use…Anyways Daniel found a fireworks setting on our camera and we were able to get these cool looking pictures with the sparklers.



Daniel was given the chance to do some actual lighting of the fireworks and he did a good job of listening. Although he was having fun with the fireworks, he decided to have more fun setting my dad's paper on fire. He used one of the sparklers to set the fire! None of us were mad cause at least he did it safely. It reminds me of me when I set my mom's shoe on fire one year and when i set the trash can on fire another year. :)

Daniel and the neighbor kids lighting one of Daniel's favorite fireworks, the snakes!

Even though I had to work, we all really had a great time. I got home around 800pm and the sun was almost done setting. Daniel had a lot of fun with his friends. We actually got to see a lot of shows from our home and some of the fireworks were right above our home! Then when were close to wrapping it up, our neighbor brought our ice cream and root beer! This was funny cause when she asked Baby D if he wanted a root beer float he responded "Root Beer?!?! I can't have root beer! Beer is bad!" Our neighbor had to explain to him that root beer was just soda. He still declined politely and said "No thank you, I can't have that either" It definitely put a smile on my face. It is nice to know that even though you think your kids aren't learning from you, that they do pick up on some things and that's what keeps me trying. I love my family and my children and I am soooo blessed to have them!


Heidi said...

You've got a family of pyros that apparently takes after you! Sounds like you had a blast!

lauren said...

I thought fireworks were outlawed in Ca. Can't wait to visit!!