Monday, March 1, 2010

What's New?

I decided to write up some random thoughts as I wait for Big D to come to bed (what can I say, this is the story of my life!).
*Ty started preschool today. He had an accident, and he cried while they changed him. As he retells the the story he says that he cried and kept asking why!
* I don't know whey my 30 year old husband will ever figure out he needs to change his ways until my 3 year old learns not to touch stuff that he shouldn't.
*Just found out that litte D had his recess revoked today for talking in the cafeteria...even though he was done with lunch. Well this is the story he gave me so I will ask the teacher tomorrow, because if his story is accurate, come on who makes a child be quiet during lunch. I know I never go to lunch at work unless I have someone to share it with).
*This new teaching job is really trying my patience, but I love it. And I love my students.
*I had been praying for quite some time to be truly inspired...I felt like a wasn't going anywhere. Well church was amazing on Sunday and I have some inspiration as to were I want to go.
* I guess this is it for now...